The Metrick System

We produce engaging, emotionally-driven, entertaining work with one purpose:
to sell what you do.

We're a small, but mighty band of creative marketing zealots. All of our services are under one roof, from copywriting and design to web development and creating and managing social media sites. From creating high definition format TV commercials on our green screen sound stage to editing them in our digital editing suites and helping you find your voice — figuratively speaking — in our recording studio.

Your brand is always in good hands.

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Simply Works.

The Metrick System is a full service integrated advertising and digital agency that builds Customers for Life. Strong strategic marketing comes from a profound knowledge of our clients and their community. Strong creative touches an emotional chord, makes one laugh out loud or smile at subtlety.

It is not our goal to outspend the competition; we outsmart them by creating work that is intriguing, powerful and relevant.

So here's the story.

The Metrick System began as an agency dedicated to delivering strategic marketing solutions coupled with fresh and relevant creative. Our goal is to consistently achieve outstanding results as economically as possible and without compromise.

Since 1991, we have created campaigns that put a live person sitting on a toilet attached to a billboard, flew the world’s tallest hot air balloon, and launched Viagra with two words and a smile.

We have been honoured by the Retail Council of Canada, the Billi Awards, Applied Arts Magazine, Retail Advertising Club of Chicago, RSVP’s, the Frankies, the Radio Impact Awards, the International Broadcast Awards, the New York Festival World Medal, the Web Marketing Awards and the London International Advertising Awards.

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